Stop The Clock: Climate Change Event                                                                                                                                                Vivian Flynn     

Installation at Red Car Bridge, Atwater Village

Duration of thirty-four hours (figuratively) chosen in “Stop The Clock.” It is theorized that the average frequency of water changing into vapor and back again occurs on an average of thirty four times a year.

Three Saturday’s, June 11th, 18th, 25th

Morning 11AM–1PM
Music/Children’s Collage/Draw Party
Climate Solution/Action/Guests + Music

Evening 3PM-6PM
Music/Climate Action Party!

Saturday, June 25th 2PM-3PM
Guided Grounding Meditation for All Ages

“Water Is The Bridge”

      Through its movement it resuscitates life
Water is present in everything alive

“Water swings back and forth like the lever of a pair of scales, water serves to maintain equilibrium. It is the omnipresent, ever re-established active element in life’s freedom zone.     

Water constitutes a kind of primal bodily organ of the life element. It occupies a middle position between life and death. Everywhere we look in Nature we see water setting crossing points by inserting itself between opposites. For example: Between the acid and the alkaline in chemical, all processes, thus mediating material exchange in the realm of gravity and levity.

In the realm of warmth, between radiation and conduction as convection, the realm of light, between brightness and darkness, as seen for example in that primal phenomenon the RAINBOW!!!”

— Theodor Schwenk


“Stop the Clock”

A  D o u b l e  C r o s s i n g

A Four 4 dimensional performance piece entitled “Stop The Clock”,  will be installed over the Los Angeles River in Atwater Village.
The recently constructed Red Car bridge traversing east and west over the LA River will be converted visually into a 280 foot course with 34 mirrors creating virtual and actual river views.

The river's movements reflect into the circular mirrors that have open circular spaces also cut out of each. As a viewer looks directly into the actual river aligned in both Northern and Southern directions, and it’s mirrored reflections, a tension arises between the virtual and the real. A brief loss of equilibrium and displacement occurs, allowing a momentary consciousness of the "true present"  to begin.

“Stop The Clock” focuses on the LA River acting as a container for history and sensation where each moment and movement potentially will allow a viewer a glimpse of infinity.

“The Flow of our water-nature occurs through the encompassing of our planet by water on and in our planet and ourselves.” This is made more apparent through the exploration of the LA River’s origins and destinations. Each viewer can experience their  own distinct and individual interpretation of the river views reflected in and through the 30+ spherical mirrors attached to the bridge’s railings.

Artist Vivian Flynn, a resident of Atwater Village. proposes an open exploration of our relationship with the LA River by experiencing a more intimate relationship with this body of water. “We see ourselves suspended in the reflection where subject (river) and object (self) intertwine.”

Friends + Supporters

Atwater Village Neighborhood Council (AVNC) River Committee Chair Karen Barnett
Friends of the LA River
Ryan Simons Installer
Plastic Depot of Burbank